Bespoke Project-Based Theatre

Theatre can be particularly powerful when communicating and exploring sensitive or emotive issues. Whether the topic or initiative is organisation based eg a new customer service initiative, or part of a national agenda eg Every Child Matters, theatre can help give a voice to those whose experiences are seldom heard, raising our consciousness and  giving us a greater sense of perspective and understanding.

Communication Chords by Amanda Osborne

A moving theatrical play developed with the Lincolnshire Area Child Protection Committee to address and confront sensitive issues within the Every Child Matters agenda. The play addresses the impact of positive and negative communication with children and young people, with an emphasis on diversity and difference.

Staged at a regional conference, participants found the material extremely stimulating and thought provoking. this was certainly confirmed by the level of discussion following and performance, making it apparent that the content of the scenarios provided the basis for debate and discussion.

The Dawning of Eve by Amanda Osborne

A thought provoking 45 minute theatrical production explores how women shape and influence policing in the 21st century.

Performed for the first time at the Senior Women in Policing conference, The Dawning of Eve explores why women are ‘missing’ from top and specialist roles within the police service. The development of this production was supported by National Police Improvement Agency.

An extremely powerful play that mirrors real life experiences from women within the police arena. It cannot fail to provoke discussion and debate about the issues that really affect women.


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Thank you so much for providing the drama production for our conference The scripts were excellent. The writing captured exactly the points that I wanted raised, particularly in terms of the range of issues that can distort, influence and effect communication. However, above all the writing ensured that the child was central and their voice clearly heard within each scenario.

Barbara Simpson, LACPC Training Officer. Lincolnshire County Council

The translation of the material through the performance ensured that the many issues, challenges and tensions were accessible to the audience, and that the messages contained in the text were put before them to examine and digest.

Barbara Simpson, LACPC Training Officer, Lincolnshire County Council