Support Anti-bullying week

Nov 14th to 19th   is Anti-bullying week in the UK and whereas the focus (rightly) surrounds children and young people, bullying is still rife amongst adults in the workplace.

Employers have a duty to ensure that employees are fully conversant with their bullying and harassment policies, however ingrained behaviours can often make it difficult to bring about changes to organisational culture.

“Bullying is a learned behaviour and anything learned can be unlearned”

                    Dr C Sally Murphy

Equality, diversity and inclusion imageInclusive management strategies applied consistently over time can prove beneficial in changing behaviours however gaining the full ‘buy in’ from employees is the key to facilitating positive organisational change.

The true cost of bullying and harassment is somewhat surprising. ACAS reports that it has fielded over 20,000 calls about bullying and harassment over the past 12 months. In addition to the human cost, in the last 12 months it is reported that the UK economy has lost over £17 billion through lost productivity and absenteeism.

Source: Accessed online 15:11:2016.