• Let there be light…in 2016

    Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” So much of our life experience and happiness (or not as may be) is determined by our personal reactions to what happens to us. The exact same event or experience will trigger two completely different… Read more »

  • Easier said than done

    Studying Leadership is an important but academic activity.  Learning how to be an effective leader and applying those skills in the work place is what will lead us to economic success. I recently enjoyed summer tea with my cousin Pedita Hunt who has led a team of highly committed people in an ambitious project to… Read more »

  • Is bullying rife in the workplace?

    On a weekly basis we are hit with another press story relating to bullying in the workplace, the latest being the NHS and BBC. But bullying is not the exclusive domain of large organisations – it can happen anywhere. The impact is devastating and results in the individual feeling humiliated, degraded, undermined, or undervalued.  This… Read more »

  • Running Race

    I recently completed a half marathon for charity. A year ago I couldn’t run for a bus without physical pain, let alone running non-stop for two hours. However with blisters, sweat and tears I did it! It got me thinking of things we do outside of our comfort zone. For example, challenging personal prejudices. This… Read more »