About us

We have been delivering behavioural and cultural change programmes across the UK and abroad for nearly 25 years.  We are training professionals with experience in theatre.   We combine a wealth of business acumen, learning and development experience and innovative flair.

A value-based service

We go further than simply satisfying client objectives: our aim is to surpass expectations and provide an engaging experience designed to energise and inspire. Everything we do has one goal, to improve the performance of our clients. Our project teams are selected to suit individual clients, ensuring we provide the very best quality and experience.

Our value-based service means we believe in:

  • Customer focus – we put our clients at the heart of what we do; our thorough research coupled with our experience enables us to anticipate needs – sometimes we are even seen as part of their team!
  • Quality – we pride ourselves on the quality of our learning interventions and are committed to providing the highest service available
  • Inclusive – we include all stakeholders in the process of development and consultation
  • Commitment – our teams give 100% to each and every job
  • Responsive – we continuously listen and adapt to reflect learning and issues raised during projects

We thrive on working with a diverse range of organisations and people, and are committed to developing ‘customers for life’.

Andy Garnett, Director of The Garnett Foundation

Andy Garnett founded The Garnett Foundation in 1994, and has more than 30 years’ experience in advising on leadership, management and organisational change. Andy is a Trustee of national charity The Directory of Social Change. He is Vice Chairman of the Chiltern Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

Moya Winter has worked in learning and development for many years, and is also a marketing and fundraising professional.   She has worked across all sectors including multi-agency partnerships working on funding projects and training programmes.  Moya has worked on fundraising and membership schemes for a variety of local, national and international charities.

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We loved what you did! We were delighted with the way you researched, structured and executed the interactive sessions. Your team was a major factor in the overall success of the conference with a fantastic positive response from staff to the event.

Managing Director, Circle 33 Housing Trust